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Unit 6, No.27, Mohana Alley, Taghavi St, Ferdowsi Sq, Tehran, Iran

Razak Laboratories Monitoring System

Objectives of the project:

Temperature and Humidity Monitor in Production and warehouse halls.

Online Monitoring in PC.

Log temperature and humidity records. Graph outputs.

Temperature and Humidity Alarm generator.

Geographical location of the project:

KM 10, Karaj Makhsous Rd, Tehran, Iran

main contractor:

Pardazesh Tamkar Eng Co.

Project Implementation Activities:

Install Temperature and Humidity Sensors in all locations.

Wiring Sensors to laboratory room.

Install Logger rack in laboratory room. Connected to power and sensors.

Test all sensors and calibration.

Install Software and connected to switcher.

Test software and hardware.

Training technical team for use system

Key layout times:

Date of Contract Entry: June 22, 2008

Production time 25 days

Installation 11 days

Test and training 2 days

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