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Solar Energy

Solar energy is the sun’s rays that reach the ground. The sun, as an endless source of energy, can be solvent of energy and environmental problems. Because its amount is unlimited, easy to access and no environmental pollution. This energy that goes down the earth is thousands of times more than what we need and consume.

Sun energy can be used as a clean and accessible energy everywhere.

Solar energy systems

Sunlight can not be used directly to replace fossil fuels. Instead, they have to make devices that can convert solar radiation into energy such as mechanical energy, thermal energy, electricity, and so on.

Solar systems are systems that store solar energy and convert it into electrical energy. These systems absorb the sun’s energy throughout the day, and then use stored energy throughout the day. It is quite cost effective to use the system for those parts that can not be installed.

One of the uses of solar energy is solar electricity generation. In this way, electrical energy can easily be converted to other energies and can be stored.

The Basis of Solar Cells

Solar cells are semiconductor units that convert solar radiation into electrical energy. These cells are used in terms of electrical energy requirements in various sizes and capacities. These cells have many benefits:

Little space to occupy.
Ease of installation
High resistance to corrosion conditions of seawater and wind
Suitable lifetime
No need for fossil fuels
In the cloudy and dusty conditions where light is low, they charge the batteries
Reduce cabling costs and build control panels
Reducing energy consumption and the use of new energies At the moment, energy is one of the most resource-consuming and ending up. Therefore, solar energy can be a suitable substitute for fossil fuels, considering its characteristics and the weather conditions in Iran.

Advantages of using solar systems

No need for a global power grid
Maintain unreleased resources and save them
Environmental protection and lack of air pollution
Providing lighting in remote areas and places that do not have the value of wire and cabling
Extremely low maintenance costs
Save a lot at the expense of consuming electricity
Easy configuration and installation in any location
Torkkar Engineering Co. was founded by a group of prominent experts and designers with the aim of designing, developing and manufacturing industrial systems in 1983. Nowadays, with its strong engineering, engineering, computer, and engineering staff, the company is fully capable of designing and manufacturing industrial automation systems, traffic equipment, telecommunication equipment, LED lighting systems, solar energy systems (SOLAR) Equipment production lines and process control. The products provided by this company are the main criterion for quality and consulting, training and after sales services are based on the needs of the customer.


The Solar Energy Systems of Tom Craft Processing Engineering Company have proven to be reliable and justifiable in terms of exploitation and cost of service and maintenance, based on the experience they have gained.

Most use of solar energy systems

Power supply for remote and inaccessible electricity …
Power Supply Traffic Signs
Household and residential buildings, industrial and agricultural
Urban equipments like solar lights …
Industrial applications such as satellites, telecommunication towers, solar power towers
Tom Khodro Processing Engine is able to design and manufacture the above systems with sufficient expertise and experience, and each component can be calculated according to the needs and requirements of the user and determine the required size. The experience shows that these systems are fully accepted by users.

Use of solar energy systems to supply electricity to remote and inaccessible areas

Outdoor billboards
Nomadic areas
Mountainous regions and border areas

Solar energy systems are one of the most important ways to meet the electricity needs of villages and remote areas of the country. Because, because of the severity of most of these areas, feeding them through global electricity networks is very costly and sometimes impossible.

The use of solar energy systems to provide electricity for urban and suburban traffic signals

Traffic equipment is one of the most effective means of preventing accidents in streets and highways. Installation of these equipment has problems such as cabling and electrification.

Solar power equipment can be used anywhere, without any cabling, ground drilling and filling without urban power consumption.

Solar Solar System is a system that provides sunlight with the help of the sunlight. And is able to continuously operate unnecessarily for a few days.

Household and residential buildings, industrial and agricultural

Spa heating of buildings
Indoor indoor heating
Cooling the environment using absorption chillers
Air Conditioning System Buildings
Power supply for electrical equipment
Desalination and Solar Water
Solar power supply
Solar dryers (for drying food and agricultural products)

Heating and cooling of buildings are the first and the main application of solar energy in the building sector. Heating the water needed for heating the building or the pool, cooling the building space, providing fresh water and distilled water.

Animal husbandry, poultry houses and greenhouses are one of the largest fuel consumers in the country.

The energy needed to heat the water and the rest for building heating is used. The use of solar heating is the best way to supply the spa, as well as the heating of green spaces and livestock and poultry nests at the lowest cost.

Use of solar energy systems in urban facilities

Solar lights for parks
Decorative Solar Lights for the Pool
Solar street lights
Solar traffic lights
Solar reflective lights
Solar projectors

Lighting lights that are used in parks and streets should have a positive effect in addition to the brightness of the environment, in order to beautify and create the joy and vitality of the citizens.

Park or street solar lights are charged with sunlight for 2 to 3 hours, and as soon as the air is dark, it automatically provides for up to 8-10 hours of green space without charge.

The advantages of these lights are: no need for city electricity, no need for cabling, long life of bulbs, high safety due to lack of electricity connection to the city, high efficiency and …

Use of solar energy systems in industrial applications

satellites :
Providing power to satellites and spaceships


BTS tower :
Lighting of telecommunication towers


Solar Power Towers:
A solar power plant is a facility that collects solar radiation energy and, by concentrating it, generates high-power electrical energy. It can also be connected to a grid or used locally.

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