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Urban intersection design with 24 VDC voltage - Pardazesh TamKar Eng Co.


24VDC intersection control system is a system in which all equipment, such as LED lanterns, counters, pedestal lanterns and a 24V DC commander, are used, and all equipment of these systems can be used with modest modifications in the 220 V system. And even in the command and control of the dashboards and pedestrian buttons, they also work without any problems.

Considering the use of LED as a source of light in new traffic equipment, and considering that any DC LED is needed to illuminate each LED, it is recommended to change the voltage across the intersection of 220VAC to 24VDC.

In order to implement this plan, all LED lights, as well as the traffic counter and traffic lights, should be designed in such a way that it will be converted to 24 VDC, so the design will reduce the cost of the above equipment and eliminate a large number of switching power supply in each individual This equipment will be.

It should be noted that in this design, the command command is used to command all intersections of 24 VDC electrical power supplied by a switching power supply of 300 W to 400 W power.

One of the main advantages of this design is the use of a 24V battery to supply power at a time of power failure. Using this design, the need for UPS has generally been eliminated, and the possibility of full clearing of the intersection at a very low cost is provided.

Undoubtedly, removing dozens of power supplies in all LED traffic lights as well as inverted traffic counter, an intersection will save a lot of energy and cost.

With 24VDC power, this design allows the use of solar panels to provide all or part of the energy consumption of each intersection.

Advantages of using the 24V system

Energy saving

Considering that in the 220V electrical system of the city, many devices, such as LED lanterns and pedestrian lanterns, and the control unit of the command and counter counts, eventually operate with DC voltage, this voltage 220 must be turned to 24 V DC, and This voltage converter has a lot of power losses, so DC-powered direct-current operation will save energy.

Reduce costs

Removing the power board in this system reduces the cost of devices.

Possibility to intelligent counters

Given that the voltage level is 24 V DC, at the beginning of each green cycle, it is possible to send the clock to the counter clockwise with a 24-volt clock counter, and then apply it to the counter after the detector is detected, and thus a sudden jump of the counter or Stopping the counter is prevented by a certain number.

Continuous operation in case of city power failure without using UPS

The system can include a battery and a controller board for charging the battery and in the event of a power failure, the city will work with the battery voltage. If the city is plugged in, the 24 volt DC voltage will be generated to operate the device and the battery will be charged simultaneously. For re-use.

Increased intersection safety due to equipment failure

Many of the intersection equipment failures are due to their switching off power supply, which is minimized with the new design of these crashes.

Possibility to use Solar

If you use this system, you can consider a central solar system with the corresponding battery for the entire system, which if you use a larger command line with a suitable fit, you can consider the Solar and Web controller inside it, but if Use of the current TKS100 command units should be considered as a place to place the relevant box on the floor.

Changes required in the old system to switch to 24V


The TKS100 model requires a total of 3 changes

The output is changed from 220 volts to 24 volts, which is very easy to perform due to the slate of these boards.
Switching power supply switching device from 220 to 24
Consider the battery and battery box for the battery and the converter board

Lantern LED

In the LED lanterns, the 220 V power converter circuit board is completely removed and LED lights are fed directly.

Pedestrian lanterns

In the new pedestrian lanterns (green and steady red), to set up the red lantern, it is only enough to remove the feeding board and be used directly, but in the case of a pedestrian lantern, instead of using a 220V power supply, use 24 volts of power supply. Gets

Countdown counters

The counters are powered by a 24-volt 220 volt instead of a 220 volt power supply, and the use of this power supply is for control only, and the LEDs will work directly at the same voltage of 24, so the 24 volt power supply is also very Will be smaller.

Other features of the counters with this feature are the ability to receive pulses for intelligence and thus receive the exact time at the beginning of each cycle.

Benefits of the scheme

– Removing switching power supply in all LEDs as well as inverted traffic counters.

– Ability to install a battery without the need for UPS to keep the intersection in standby mode for a long time (at least 8 hours).

– Possibility to install a solar panel for energy supply.

– Increased intersection safety due to 220VAC offset.

– Reduce the cost of equipping the intersection.

– Reduce the failure to eliminate tens of switching power supplies at each intersection.

– Reduce power consumption to prevent lost power.

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